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  • To provide guidelines for managing your Oracle (Banner) password


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  • 10307: Oracle (Banner) Password Utility


  • Your Oracle (Banner) password protects important information about all University clients, faculty, staff and students, and is considered highly confidential. The Banner system and many other applications are secured by an Oracle (Banner) password. Because of the highly sensitive nature of your Oracle (Banner) password, the University auditor and the Security team have determined that Oracle (Banner) passwords should be changed at first login and every 90 days thereafter

  • Your Oracle (Banner) password is not the same as your MUnet password, which is used for general Miami resources such as email, myMiami, and BannerWeb


Oracle (Banner) password rules

  • The rules that regulate the creation of an Oracle password are different from the rules for MUnet passwords. For your protection, the Oracle (Banner) password:
    • Must be changed every 90 days
    • Must be a minimum of eight characters and must include at least one letter and one number
    • Is not case-sensitive
    • Cannot be reused for six months
      • At least three letters must be different than password used in the past six months
    • Cannot be your UniqueID or other easy-to-guess words
    • Can contain underscores (_), but no other symbols or punctuation
    • Must use a letter as the first character 


Oracle password guidelines

  • These guidelines will help you create a secure password:
    • Do not use commonly known information
    • Do not simply substitute numbers for letters
    • Never write down your password — write down a hint, if necessary
    • Never tell anyone your password, even support staff, under any circumstances
    • Always log out of computers when you are finished


Password expiration rules

  • You will be prompted to change your password on the day that it expires
  • ​If you have set an Oracle question/answer pair, you will be able to reset your password by using the Oracle Password Utility. If you have not set an Oracle question/answer pair, you must stop by your Campus Assistance location and present a photo ID to have your password reset. 
  • If your Oracle (Banner) password expires, you may receive an Oracle error ORA-28002 when using certain applications or systems. You need to change your password immediately to correct this problem. The error message may appear as any of the following messages:
    • (SQR5528) ORACLE OCISessionBegin (RDBMS) error 28002 in cursor 0: ORA-28002: the password will expire within 0 days
    • (SQR 4701) Cannot log on to the database


Change your Oracle password for any instance of Oracle with the Oracle Password Utility

  1. Log in to the Oracle Password Utility
  2. Click I would like to change my Oracle password
  3. Select the Oracle instance you would like to change and click Submit
  4. Enter your new password and click Save


Change your Oracle password for PROD (Production) within Native Banner

  1. Log in to Native Banner by entering your UniqueID, current Oracle password, and PROD for the production environment
  2. The Forms screen will indicate that your password has expired. Click OK on to go to the Change Password dialog box
  3. If the Change Password dialog box does not appear, enter GUAPSWD in any Direct Access field to bring up the form
  4. Log in by entering your User ID (use your UniqueID) and current Oracle password
  5. Enter your new Oracle password, and then enter it again to confirm your new password, and select OK
  6. You will be returned to Banner to continue your login 




Oracle Password: Changing Your Oracle Password


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The Oracle Password Utility provides an easy method for changing your Oracle password by logging in with your MUnet password (used for myMiami, email, and most other Miami resources.)