Request: Banner / Security access


  • I am an employee or faculty, and I need access to Banner
  • Grant secure access to Banner
  • Grant Banner Security access for an employee
  • I am a supervisor or department head, and I need to request Banner access for a new employee
  • I am an authorized administrator, and I need to authorize a request for Banner Security access


Staff or faculty

  • A Banner account is needed to access Banner modules/forms — you, as an employee, must be granted the necessary security rights within Banner
  • Miami UIT does not grant access to Banner
  • Your supervisor or department head must contact the appropriate administrative office(s) to request employee access to the Banner modules/forms you will need to perform your job functions


Supervisor or department head

  1. Determine the area of Banner for which access is needed
    • The contact (person) is based on the area of Banner for which access is needed, not the employee's department
  2. Contact the appropriate person authorized to grant secure access to that area. Only the following people are authorized to grant secure access to Banner:


Administrative office



  • 184204: Banner 9 Production
  • Banner Security


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