LISTSERV / Block junk email from a single source


  • To provide instruction on blocking junk email from a single source to a LISTSERV list


  • 10283: LISTSERV


  • If your LISTSERV list receives numerous unwanted messages from a single identifiable source, the list owner can block the offending address; this can also be done for lists that are configured to allow anyone to send messages


  • Add the email address to the list and block it from sending/receiving mail
  1. Open the email application you use as the list owner and create a new plain-text message to
  2. In the message body, enter:
    • QUIET ADD listname emailaddress
    • QUIET SET listname NOMAIL NOPOST FOR emailaddress
    • listname is the 32-character-or-less name of the list (the part of the list address before
    • emailaddress is the email address that is to be blocked
  3. Send the message



  • This method should only be used if a single address is repeatedly sending unwanted messages to a list; if a number of addresses are sending unwanted messages, you can restrict the list to only allow subscribers to post



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