Banner / Error Record: Data feed to Sunapsis


  • To identify an error that occurs in the data feed from Banner to iOffice (Sunapsis) (InterLink) and provide a cause and resolution


  • Miami University Administration
  • Miami University International Student


  • Banner Error
  • 10271: iOffice (Sunapsis)

Error + Resolution

Error Data feed from Banner to Sunapsis does not pick up an international student
Affected User / Action Administrative-user is unable to import an international student 
Cause Error Record: iOffice (Sunapsis) (InterLink) 
Applied Resolution

Contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 to report the issue and provide the following information:

  • Description of the issue you are experiencing
  • Any error messages you are receiving
  • UniqueID or Banner ID of the student who is not being imported



Article ID: 42898
Mon 11/20/17 3:42 PM
Mon 7/12/21 12:19 PM
Can you resolve this issue yourself?
No. Please request assistance.