Canvas / Add video to Course Media Gallery


  • To provide instruction on adding Course Gallery to a Canvas course
    • When you want to upload audio and/or video files to a course site


  • Canvas Instructor


  • 10185: Canvas
    • Kaltura Course Gallery


Enable Media Gallery in your course​​

  1. Open your Canvas course
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select the Navigation tab
  4. Select the gear next to My Media and select Enable
  5. Select the gear next to Course Gallery and select Enable

Note: This Canvas Guide article offers instructions on using the Course Navigation Menu to add Kaltura's Course Gallery to the navigation menu


Upload file into Course Gallery in your course​​

  • If you are loading a video file yourself, click the Course Gallery link in the navigation menu, click the + Add Media button, and follow the prompts
  • If you have requested a digitized file from the library, the library will place your media in Course Gallery


Make your videos visible to your students

  1. Select Course Gallery in your course site
  2. Check the box next to the video you want to publish
  3. Select +Publish





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