myFiles, MUFiles / Recover network files


  • To provide instruction on recovering files from network file storage


  • File Storage & Sharing
  • 10411: MUFiles
  • 10299: myFiles
  • Windows


  1. From a Windows computer, select Start
  2. Select This PC
  3. Open the network drive that holds your files (usually M:\ or G:\ drive)
  4. Browse to the folder where the file was located
  5. Right-click inside the folder window and select Properties
  6. Select the Previous Versions tab
  7. Select a version from the list from before you discovered the file was missing
  8. Select Restore...



  • This procedure cannot be executed on a Mac
  • If you are unable to locate the files in this manner, contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 and provide the following information:
    • The names of any missing files
    • The path to the folder where the files were located
    • Date when you last saw the file



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