Request: Event Management System / Access


  • Access to the Event Management System (EMS) application


  • University Apps
  • 56967: Event Management System (EMS) Enterprise
  • Windows


  1. To request access to EMS
  2. Provide your UniqueID
  3. When you receive access to EMS, update your AppPortal connections:
    1. Open the Start menu
    2. Search for RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
    3. Click the Properties button in the window
    4. Click Update now in the window
    5. Wait for the confirmation that the update has been completed
      • If prompted for login, enter IT\<UniqueID
        • Example: IT\publicjp
      • Enter your MUnet password
    6. Click OK in the lower portion of the window
  4. Access EMS in the Remote App and Desktop Connections folder
  5. Alternatively, you can navigate to to access a browser-based version of the AppPortal connected systems available to you.





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