Student cannot see Canvas course with an extended end-date


  • My student can't see a Canvas course with an extended end-date
  • How do I extend my Canvas class date?


  • Canvas Instructor


  • 10185: Canvas


  1. Before the end of the term identified through Banner double-check to ensure that the course end date has been extended
    1. Open the course in Canvas
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Click the Course Details tab
    4. Check the course end-date to ensure the date was extended past the present date
    5. Select Update Course Details
  2. Check the section end-date
    1. Click the Sections tab
    2. Click the name of the section you want to check
    3. Click the pencil icon to edit the section details
    4. Check the end-date to ensure it is also extended
    5. Click Update Section
  3. Contact eLearning with the following information:
    1. Course number
    2. Course title
    3. Course section(s)
    4. Rationale for extending the course end date



  • eLearning Miami (ELM) offers Canvas training and guides
  • For all pedagogical issues, contact eLearning Miami | ELM at 513-529-6068


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