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  • To provide links to the Technology Services pages and support contact information for Miami Regional campuses


  • Students, Faculty, and Staff of
    • Voice of America Learning Center (VOALC, West Chester, Greentree)
    • Hamilton Campus (MUH)
    • Middletown Campus (MUM)  


Miami University provides technological consistency in the computer labs, libraries, and classrooms on all Regional campus locations. To learn more about what we have to offer, visit the Regional Technology Services page or select one of the following:

    Select Classroom Software for the operating system and software installed locally on Regional campus lab and classroom computers, and on the network
  • Select Computer Labs and Hours for the location and operating hours for each Regional campus computer lab
  • Select Printing to learn about the printing, copying, and scanning capabilities you'll find in the Regional campus computer labs and libraries
  • Select Equipment to access links to the technological equipment available from the Rentschler Library on Hamilton campus and the Gardner-Harvey Library on Middletown campus
  • If you have tech-related questions or need assistance with University-supported technology, complete and submit the Techology Issue or Support Request form and a member of our Regional support staff will respond as soon as possible
  • Select About for contact information for each Regional Help Desk
    • Select Staff for a list of our Regional support staff members




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