e2Campus / Troubleshoot receipt of emergency text notifications


  • To provide troubleshooting guidance when you are not receiving emergency text notifications


  • 10230: e2campus (Omnilert)
    • Miami Emergency Text Messaging System
  • Emergency Alerts


  1. Go to the Emergency Text Messaging Systems page
  2. Click the Login to Omnilert button
  3. Double-check the phone number you entered for any miss-keyed numbers
  4. If your signal is weak or out of range, move to a location with a better signal to receive the test message



  • Miami Emergency Text Messaging System provides time-sensitive emergency notification services to the University community via cell phone text messages and email
  • The Miami Emergency Text Messaging System is available to Miami students, faculty, and staff on all three Butler County campuses 
  • If your cell phone plan does not include text messaging or you opted-out of that service option, contact your service provider to add text messaging service to your plan
  • If you have set up a personal firewall on your mobile device to block unknown senders of messages, add Omnilert.net to your white-list of approved senders



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