Access Canvas guest account


  • I am a non-Miami student who is taking a Miami course, but I can't log in to Canvas
  • I need to change my Canvas guest password


  • Non-Miami Student
  • Guest


  • 10185: Canvas


  1. Check with your instructor to ensure that they have added your non-MU account to their Canvas course
  2. Open the Canvas guest login page
  3. Log in with the email address your instructor added for you and the password you created when you received your initial invitation to Canvas
    • If your password is not working, select Forgot Password? and follow the prompts to reset your Canvas password
    • If this is your first time logging in, you can either follow the link in the email you received from Canvas to create a password; or select the Forgot Password? link to create a password
      • Note: The link in the email will not work after the first use — follow Step 2 to log in


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