Request: Entity Account / Reset MUnet password


  • Change the MUnet password for an entity account


You know the current password

  1. Go to Miami's MUnet Password Utilities page
  2. Log in as the entity account, and follow the prompts


You do not know the current password

  1. Complete and submit your request to change to your entity email account
  2. Under Entity Account Request Type, select Reset password



  • 10296: MUnet Password Utilities (WAS)
  • 10235: Entity Account Manager
    • Miami Email


For internal use


Request Change


Article ID: 17650
Wed 10/19/16 4:12 PM
Tue 8/30/22 3:30 PM
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Entity email accounts do not correspond directly to individuals. They are created for a group of people, such as a department or student organization.