Request: Jacks / Report a non-functioning or damaged data or network jack


  • Report a jack that does not allow a wired Internet connection
  • Report a non-functioning jack in a residence hall common area or office
  • Report a damaged data or network jack or network port
  • Report a damaged or broken data jack face plate


  1. If you are unable to access the Internet: 
  2. For assistance, complete and submit your report of a non-functioning or damaged data or network jack 
  3. Provide the following information:
    • Nature of your request
    • Your IP Address
    • Your location, including building name and room number
    • The MAC address of the device that cannot connect to the wired network
    • The jack ID listed on the sticker above the network jack


  • 10679: Communications Jacks and Cabling
    • Data or network jack
    • Cable jack
  • 9583: Access Network (system) 
    • Wired Network


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Sun 10/2/16 12:22 PM
Thu 6/13/24 10:50 AM
Can you resolve this issue yourself?
Yes! This is self-service with a smile.

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