Request: Web Alias / Create, modify, or remove an alias


  • Create a new web alias
  • Modify an existing web alias
    • Redirect a URL
  • Remove a web alias



  • 10394: Web Alias Manager 
  • 10724: Cascade


For internal use


Request to Create or Modify an Alias for a Miami University Website Print Article


Article ID: 16886
Wed 9/28/16 4:53 PM
Mon 1/29/24 10:42 AM
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IT Services provides web, application, data, and server hosting including data integration services for commercial, open-source and, in-house developed solutions for the Miami University community.
Departments, divisions, and student organizations may use this form to request the creation of a new web alias (i.e., the modification of an existing web alias, or the removal of an existing web alias.