Guide: Publishing / Select a tool for creating a web form


  • Form tools allow Miami faculty, staff, and students to collect information from various audiences to fulfill a business need. This could be a survey, research study, business process, multi-step workflow, an RSVP to an event, and more


  • Follow these guidelines for recommendations on which tool works best for several different kinds of forms. This guide is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all possible form types


  • 11357: Google Forms
  • 10335: Qualtrics
  • 10374: TeamDynamix
  • 705578: Formstack — sunsetting tentatively in July 2025


Google Forms

Google Forms is a survey administration software included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google. The data collected by the form can be collected to a Google sheet to view and share with others.

Google Forms Training and Help



Qualtrics allows one to create and distribute custom surveys and gather information in support of the University's educational mission and organizational goals. It is best used for detailed research surveys. Faculty and staff must request an account to gain access, and students must have a faculty or staff member to sponsor an account on their behalf.

Qualtrics Learning Content


TeamDynamix (iPaaS)

The TeamDynamix enterprise work intake tool is designed to collect the information required to process a person's request either in automated fashion or by assigning work following a pre-defined work procedure.



Miami will sunset our use of Formstack in the summer of 2025. We encourage you to use the other form tools available instead of creating new forms in this system so that you won’t have to create them a second time. If you already have a Formstack account, begin planning where your active forms can move to and work on a transition plan for your office. No new department/office accounts will be created but new users can be added to existing office accounts while we transition away from this tool.

Comparison of form tools

  Google Forms Qualtrics TeamDynamix
Best suited for
  • Submissions processed in batches
  • Single or infrequent use
  • Results are analyzed in single batch
  • Project-based
  • Each submission is processed individually
  • There is work to track after a person submits
  • Frequent use, such as at least weekly
  • Easy to build
  • Options for authenticated or anonymous users
  • Save data to a Google sheet
  • Managing and tracking anonymous submissions
  • Complex form flows
  • Multi-page forms
  • Randomization of question presentation
  • Save progress and resume
  • Options for authenticated or anonymous users
  • Options for securing of sensitive data
  • Trigger process workflow / steps for a person to perform
  • Tie to documentation
  • Availability of different form controls
  • Handling complicated form logic
  • Not accessible when embedded in web pages
  • Limited branding options
  • No save / continue
  • No option for authenticating users
  • Results made available in batches
  • Reporting and sharing results can be cumbersome
  • Some one-time setup required for teams new to the platform
  • Single-page forms
  • Low attachment limit size
  • No save / continue
Example use cases
  • One-time event sign-up / RSVP
  • Apply to a program 
  • Collect demographic information
  • Gauge interest in activity, event, or object 
  • Satisfaction studies
  • Research studies
  • Program or event assessment
  • Subscribing to a service
  • Granting permissions to a person
  • Transaction-based satisfaction surveys


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