DocuSign / Guide: Recipient language and custom email messages


  • Provide basic knowledge and understanding of the DocuSign documentation settings for the University's use of custom email messages when sending DocuSign envelopes and the use of the recipient language setting


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What is custom email and language for each recipient? With this option, you can write a custom email message and set the language used in the standard email format and the signing view for each recipient. Email notifications present all of the standard content in the selected language. For signing, when the recipient opens your document to sign, the menus and controls are all presented in the selected language.

How do I set custom email and language for each recipient? DocuSign has a helpful article specific to utilizing this feature: Setting the recipient language and a custom email message

Do I need special permissions to set custom email and language for each recipient? Yes, you must have template access in DocuSign. If you do not have the proper permissions, contact Miami DocuSign Support

Can contacts and other documents also be sent in a language other than English? No.  All documents requiring any form of signature or agreement must be sent in English. Any time that a custom email message is sent to an individual in a language other than English, you should consider whether such an individual will understand the contents of the contract or other document. When you are in doubt that an individual will understand the contents of the contract or other document, we strongly recommend using the following language in the email message:  

“You are being asked to sign a document that could require you to perform certain obligations or otherwise affect your rights. Prior to signing this document, you must read the entire document and understand its contents. If you are having trouble understanding the contents of this document, then you are strongly urged to seek legal and other counsel prior to signing the document.”    


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