Community Account / Guide: Engagement


  • To provide information regarding the responsibilities of using community accounts for a population of people


  • Miami departments exploring the use of community accounts will understand their responsibilities for initial and ongoing engagement


  • Potential and current departments using community accounts


  • 908729: MU IAM Portal

Guidelines / Directory

Community accounts provide non-Miami affiliates the ability to authenticate to a limited set of Miami provided services. Community accounts are organized by cohort, with all members of a community cohort given access to the same services. An individual may be a member of multiple community cohorts.


Supported Services

  • MUnet password management
  • Federated user authentication via CAS and Shibboleth
  • Wireless network access
  • Miami VPN access
  • Miami ID Card services
  • Accounts
    • OpenLDAP (Required)
    • WAS (Required)
    • Active Directory
    • Web Directory



  • Community account members do not have Banner records
  • Community account members are not given Miami Gmail / Google Apps accounts
  • Community accounts may be manually added to Active Directory groups via DAM (Directory Accounts Manager), but may not be added to rule-based groups or Google Apps groups
  • Systems relying on user data beyond that provided during authentication require additional integration which is outside the scope of community accounts



IT Services provides the tools to manage a cohort of community accounts. As part of engaging in the community account process, your unit will be expected to take on the following responsibilities.


Define Cohort Purpose

The cohort purpose explains the business need for the members to access Miami services. This purpose will be used when evaluating security concerns regarding the services needed for the cohort.


Identify Cohort Manager

The cohort manager (an individual or group) will be responsible for managing the members of a cohort. Cohort management typically involves the creation of new members, affirming continued membership, removing members, providing a point of support escalation and being a point of contact for questions regarding the cohort.


Establish Cohort Support

Community accounts are similar to student and employee accounts in many ways and may use many of the same support services. The IT Knowledge Base and ITHelp provide support for MUnet password and general authentication issues. 

However, community account holders may have questions which cannot be resolved through the initial support contact. Such incidents will be escalated to your cohort manager for resolution. You may wish to add content to the IT Knowledge Base or provide specific support procedures to Blackboard in order to reduce the escalated calls.


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