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  • To provide basic knowledge and understanding for adding a new user in DocuSign TEST/PROD environments


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Who can create a new user account?


As a DocuSign admin, how do I add a new user?

  • Follow the instructions in this DocuSign support article to create a user both in DocuSign TEST/PROD environments
    • Ensure that users are created in both environments
  • Use the Miami Directory to provide necessary field information:
    • Email address: <User>
    • Full Name
    • Job Title: <Use directory listing for title>
    • Company: Miami University
    • Address 1: 501 East High St.
    • City: Oxford
    • Country region: United States
    • State/Province: Ohio
    • Postal Code: 45056
    • Phone: 5135291809 (or user's Miami extension)
  • A security code does not need to be set
  • Assign necessary Permission Profile by using the drop-down
    • By default, most users will be good with “DS Sender + Template”
    • DS Admin should not be set
    • Assign Group by using the drop-down
      • The group should equal the user division as specified in the directory


As a DocuSign admin, how do I edit the user profile (add/delete user groups or permission)?

  • Yes; just follow these instructions:
    1. In DocuSign eSignature Admin, click Users
    2. Locate the user you want to view or edit
    • Note: Only users with the Active status are available to edit
    1. In the Action drop-down for the selected user, select View or Edit
    2. Review the user details and update the entries as needed
    3. Save the record


As a DocuSign admin, I want to close a user.

  • Closing a user removes that user from your account
    • Closed users cannot send new envelopes or access their accounts
    • Envelopes sent before a user was closed can still be completed by the recipients
    • Closing a user removes them from any groups they were assigned to and also removes their permission profile association
  • Optionally, you can also select to remove the user from any signing groups they belong to


As a non-admin, can I create a user account for a new employee?

  • I am not an admin in DocuSign; however, I have a new employee joining my division and I am the supervisor in Page-up. Can I create their user account?
    • No, non-admin are unable to create a new user account
  • Complete and submit this form to make your request to create a new userBe sure to provide the following information for a quicker resolution of the ticket:
    • MU-division / Groups needing access to
    • Permission profile
    • Preferred/Default Language (English is the default language chosen. Please specify if any other language needs to be the default)
    • Last name
    • Full first name


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