Banner 9 / Error Record


  • To identify errors in Banner 9 and provide corresponding causes and resolutions


  • Miami University Staff, Faculty, Students


  • 184204: Banner 9 Production​​​​​​

Error + Resolution

Error Message

  Your session has expired. Click Reload to access login page.
Affected User / Action Miami University user attempting to access Banner 9
Cause A change in the way URLs are processed following a Banner upgrade in 2020 caused some older links and bookmarks to generate this error when visiting Banner
  1. Delete any old bookmarks or browser auto-complete data you used to access Banner
  2. Follow this link to access direct links to each Banner instance
  3. Use the links on the page to access Banner 9 instead of bookmarks or browser auto-complete data



Article ID: 137459
Thu 9/2/21 7:45 AM
Fri 9/8/23 2:52 PM
Can you resolve this issue yourself?
Yes! This is self-service with a smile.
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University Community of Students, Staff, and Faculty