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  • To provide tips, recommendations, and options for working remotely through teleconferencing
  • To provide guidance on the teleconferencing options available at Miami University
  • To provide access to support and documentation for teleconferencing options


  • Miami University Students, Faculty, Staff


  • 10199: Webex
    • Cisco Webex
  • 701048: Webex Meetings Desktop
    • Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App
  • 700758: Webex Teams
    • Cisco Webex Teams
  • 10185: Canvas
    • Canvas Webex Integration


  • As the University moves to online instruction along with remote work and meetings, users will need to utilize teleconferencing solutions
  • This guide provides information on how to use the technology most effectively and create an easier transition to online learning and work


Audio recommendations

When working remotely, people may be working with equipment that is new to them. It is extremely important that a quality mic is used in these situations.  

  • Most newer laptop mics and speakers are acceptable, but you must check that yours is functioning properly
    • Note: Laptop mics may pick up more ambient sounds or background noise, e.g., when you type, keystrokes are often picked up without you realizing it
  • When using a softphone to call a client or vendor, make sure to do a test call with internal staff to verify that audio is good for the listener
  • For meetings, do a quick check-in to make sure your mic is good at the beginning of a meeting
  • Earbud/mic combinations may be acceptable, but please test before using them. Do not assume that they are working well for the people you are talking with
  • You may want to consider a headset/mic. Here are some features to be aware of:
    • A direct USB connection is often useful so you don’t have to rely on Bluetooth. Many environments have multiple Bluetooth devices and you may not connect to your headset all of the time when you need to
    • Mic placement is important. Place the mic close to your mouth without touching it
    • Consider getting a headset that comes equipped with the capability to be muted physically from the device (either by pressing a button on the headset or by flipping a switch on the cord itself) so that you can mute yourself when you’re not talking. This helps cut down on ambient noise

For additional considerations, visit the Webex Help Center.

Teleconferencing options

Use Miami's Webex portal


Use Webex in Canvas


Use Webex Meetings Desktop app


Use Webex Teams


Include conferencing in Google Calendar for all meetings you schedule




  • See the Remote Work Toolkit for more information about using Webex and other tools utilized for remote work
  • Miami University does not offer dedicated video conferencing classrooms
  • Miami University does not license or support the use of Skype or Skype for Business


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