Update my employee info in the Miami Directory


  • How do I change my display name?
  • How do I update my name in the directory?


  • 10697: Miami Directory
    • Miami University Directory of Faculty, Staff and Students


  • Miami University IT Services does not update user information in the Miami Directory
  • You, as a user, can follow this resolution to update your preferred name in the Miami Directory
    • Other information can only be updated in Banner


  1. Go to the Miami Directory
  2. If you are not already logged in, click the log in link in the left navigation to access the directory
  3. After you log in, extra options will appear on the left navigation bar
  4. From the left navigation bar, click My Entry
  5. Select Edit Name Preferences
  6. Locate the Preferred Name section at the top of the page and enter the first name you would like to display
  7. If desired, select the Hide middle name in directories check box
  8. When you are finished editing your preferences, scroll down and click Save
  • To correct errors relating to last name, job title, or student role, consult the following offices:
    • Faculty: Academic Personnel Services, 001 Roudebush Hall, Oxford
    • Staff: Department of Human Resources, 015 Roudebush Hall, Oxford




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