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Can I watch Philo on my Apple TV?


  • Can I watch Philo on my Apple TV?


  • All Miami University residence halls
  • Philo interactive online television
  • Apple TV
  • AirPlay Mirroring


You can watch Philo on any second-generation (or higher) Apple TV, using a compatible Apple device  and AirPlay Mirroring. However, AirPlay is only supported over wired Miami networks—not over wireless.

  1. Connect your Apple TV to a wired data jack
  2. Connect your compatible device to another wired data jack
  3. Follow this link to access Philo at Miami University Philo—just sign in with your Miami credentials
    • The system will recognize students who live in the residence halls and allow you to connect to the service
  4. Broadcast from the device to the Apple TV



  • Philo is available to all students living in Miami residence halls
    • Residence halls using Philo streaming service only include: Brandon, Flower, Hahne, and Hepburn
    • All other residence halls use Philo and are equipped with connectors for cable television service
  • Follow this link to Philo support for everything you ever wanted to know about interactive online television and live streaming access to major broadcast and cable channels 
  • Follow this link to Apple Support for info on using AirPlay Mirroring to watch Philo on your Apple TV 


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