Student Housing Contract Appeal Form


This process is for upperclass students who have signed housing contracts and have a need to request to be released from that contract. 


Overview of Process

  • Miami University strives to provide housing to meet the needs of every student who contracts to live with us on campus. We take our responsibility very seriously and appreciate the commitment you've made to us. It is important to note that the contractual agreement for housing with Miami University is a legal and binding agreement. We understand, however, that there are special situations in which you may need to appeal to be released from your contract.
  • The Student Housing Appeals Board (consisting of staff, faculty, and student representatives) has the responsibility of reviewing appeals for contract release. If you wish to submit an appeal to be released from your housing contract, please follow the procedures and present the necessary supporting documentation as outlined below. The appeal process can take 7-14 business days. Please submit all appropriate documentation, as incomplete appeals may lengthen the process. Requests submitted without proper documentation will be pending until it is provided.
  • The Appeals Board carefully and consistently considers if a significant change (outside of your control) has taken place since the signing of the contract that warrants a modification or release from the Housing Contract. Requests are generally not granted for: the desire to live off-campus, roommate conflicts, fraternity/sorority issues, or social or personal preferences. Please contact the Office of Residence Life if you experience a roommate conflict.
  • You should not assume that your request will be approved, and should wait for a written response from the appeals board prior to making other living arrangements. Students who choose to sign an off-campus lease agreement in anticipation of a contract release may be held financially responsible for both an on-campus and an off-campus lease/contract.
  • If your appeal is granted, you will be contacted by the Campus Services Center to coordinate a timeframe for vacating your room before building access privileges and meal plans are ended.

Necessary Documentation for Appeals

  • Financial Appeals - Students requesting a release from their housing contract because of a financial hardship must provide evidence of a significant change in their financial situation, beyond their control, since signing the contract that is being petitioned. Examples of supporting documentation include: letters confirming the unexpected loss of income or financial aid (loans, scholarships, parental assistance, employment, etc.), copies of significant unexpected medical bills, current and previous family income tax returns, or other circumstances that can be proven with written documentation.
  • Medical/Psychological/Dietary Appeals - Students requesting a release of their housing contract for medical reasons should work directly with the Miller Center for Student Disability Services.

Online Appeal Form

Please click the "Request Service" link to access the form (login required).

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