Not Returning to Housing Next Semester


Students may use this form to inform the Campus Services Center that that they will not be on the Oxford campus next semester. If approved, the Campus Services Center will remove housing and meal plan charges for the term the student is away.


If you have already completed a housing contract, or are required to live on campus as part of our two-year requirement, but now plan to be away from the Oxford campus during part of that contract period (ie. Withdraw, Study Abroad, etc), you should complete this form.  Once it has been approved, your housing and meal plan contract will be suspended for the time that you are away.

If you do not leave Miami University's Oxford Campus for the semester indicated, or if you return to Campus at any time during the Academic Year, you will be required to fulfill your original housing contract. If you return to campus during the contract academic year, you are still obligated to live on campus, and the Campus Services Center will assign you to a room.  This form only releases you from your year-long university housing contract for the time that you are away from campus for the reason stated on the form. 

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