Webex / Error Record: Unauthorized to host a meeting in Canvas


  • To provide information on logging in to Webex via Canvas when:
    • You want to schedule a Webex session in Canvas for the first time
    • You receive an unauthorized error when you tried to host a new Webex meeting in Canvas
    • You receive the error message, Your Webex authorization has expired. Please reauthorize Webex
    •   You receive the error message, Your Webex token has expired. Please use the log out button in the upper right of your Virtual Meetings window to log out of   Webex and sign back in.


  • Webex allows instructors and students to present information, share applications, and collaborate on projects; stage large-scale online events; and deliver highly interactive and effective online training and e-learning
  • Miami's site license for Webex allows faculty, students, and staff to host Webex meetings 


  • Canvas Instructor


  • 10185: Canvas
  • 10199: Webex
    • Cisco Webex


  • When logging in to Webex for the first time in Canvas, you must authorize the connection
  • The Webex connection periodically expires and requires reauthorization


Get started with Webex in your Canvas course site


Access Webex in your Canvas course site

  1. Log in to MiamiOH.Webex.com
  2. Close all browsers and then reopen Canvas and set up the meeting
  3. Log in to Canvas
  4. Open any of your courses using Webex
  5. Select the Setup tab
  6. Scroll down and select Authorize next to Authorize with LMS
  7. Select the Virtual Meetings tab to host a meeting


If the error persists, do the following

  1. Select the Virtual Meetings tab
  2. Select Logout on the right side of your screen (just to the left of Support)
    • If you have selected  +New Meetings and are on this screen while viewing the error, you will need to select cancel to return to the main screen to logout
  3. When the page refreshes, select Sign In to Webex Meetings
  4. If prompted in the pop-up window, enter in your full Miami email address and select Next
  5. Select Accept to authorize Webex
  6. Refresh your page to view meetings or to create a new meeting



  • Miami Online offers Canvas training and guides
  • Visit the Canvas Status Dashboard to check performance information for Canvas services
  • Instructure provides up-to-date instructor documentation and instructions for Canvas
  • For comprehensive product information and support documentation, search Cisco Webex Help Center
  • Cisco provides end-user support for Cisco Webex
    1. In the Webex portal, locate the left-panel menu and click the WS link to access Webex Support
    2. Make your selection from the left-panel menu 
      • Or click Contact Us  at the bottom of the menu to reach Webex technicians


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