Microsoft Azure / Cloud-based authentication (Active Directory)


  • To provide information about Azure Active Directory authentication for access to Miami services


  • 340890: Microsoft Azure Domain
    • Azure Active Directory
  • Web-based Services and Applications
  • Webex


  • Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based directory service used at Miami that can be integrated in other cloud-based applications such as Webex
  • It is a hosted service provided by Microsoft
    • Your browser must have cookies enabled to support single sign-on; many supported services will not work correctly if you disable cookies
  • Applications using Azure Active Directory require signing in with your full Miami email address as your login name — not simply your Miami UniqueID. Redirection to the base web URL is normal while you are logging into an application that uses Azure Active Directory
  • Additionally, Azure Active Directory leverages Duo two-factor authentication to help keep your account secure. This will redirect to the URL The push notification from DUO will be identified as Azure Active Directory



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