Scholarship Letters / Student


  • To provide general guidelines for the use of the Scholarship Letters application
    • To include student photos in scholarship thank-you letters to scholarship donor contacts


  • Office of University Advancement
  • Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Students



  • The Scholarship Letters application is used by:
    • Students to upload photos to the application and submit thank-you letters after completing the necessary fields 
    • Administrators in the Office of the University Registrar to review and approve thank-you letters submitted by students


Log in to the app

  • Access the Scholarship Letters application using your UniqueID and MUnet password
    • Only students who have received scholarship aid and authenticated users (admin) can view the application
    • If you cannot log in, contact IT Help at 513-529-7900


Student View

  • The Student View is designed for the student who receives a scholarship
  • The Student View has three side-tabs:
    1. Home
      • Contains a table with the following details: 
        • Name of the Scholarship
        • Aid Year
        • Status (of a student's thank-you letter)
        • Action
      • Click the appropriate button in the Action field to view or edit a thank-you letter 
      • Help text box at the top of the page contains useful information for the student from the admin
    2. Upload Photos — Used by the student to upload single or multiple photos to the application
      • Confirmation of successful upload appears as a green check mark on the photo
      • Click the Remove button to remove any unwanted photo
      • Help text box at the top of the page contains helpful information for the student from the admin
    3. Photo Gallery — Used by the student to view uploaded photos
      • Use the Zoom icon on the photo to enlarge the image
      • Use the Delete icon to remove an image from the photo gallery
  • Click the Edit Thank You Letter button in the Action column of the scholarship to enter a thank-you letter to your donor 
    • This action will open a new page that gives the name of the scholarship donor at the top and four sections in which to enter information such as honors, achievements, community service and other extracurricular activities
    • Click the Save checkbox to save your letter
    • Click the Save for Later button to save your a draft-in-progress for completion at a later date
    • Click the Submit for Approval button to submit your completed thank-you letter for approval by the Office of the Registrar 
      • Once submitted, the status of the scholarship letter changes to Submitted for Approval on the Student home page
  • Click the View button in the Action column to review your submitted scholarship letter
    • The resulting page provides the contact names and a description of the scholarship donors
  • If an admin returns a submitted scholarship letter to the student, the status of the scholarship letter changes to Returned on the Student home page
  • Similarly, when a scholarship letter is approved, the status of the scholarship letter changes to Approved on the Student home page
  • When an approved scholarship letter is printed, the status of the scholarship letter changes to Printed on the Student home page



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