Request: Openstack / Create and access server for Capstone or class project


  • Create an Openstack server for a Capstone or class project
  • Grant access to the Openstack server for a Capstone or class project


  • Openstack Server
    • CEC Server
    • Student-managed Server for Class Projects
    • LAMP Stack
    • WebServer


  • Faculty or student group can request an Openstack server for a Capstone or class project
    • These will be student-managed servers with internal Miami only access
  • External (off-campus) access can be granted once the users have demonstrated the server is properly configured and secured


Request an Openstack server

  1. Fill out the form. Openstack Server Request Form


Access an Openstack server

  1. Once completed, you will receive confirmation that your server has been created and a private key
    • Protect this file (key) as possession of the key allows people access to your server
  2. Use this private key to log in to the ubuntu user on your server
  3. From Linux:
    1. Make sure the key has proper protection (or ssh will complain)
      • chmod 600 <file>.pem
    2. Use ssh to access the server from oncampus or via vpn
      • ssh -i <file>.pem ubuntu@<servername>
  4. From Windows:
    1. Use putty-keygen to load the .pem key and save it as a .ppk key file
      • Putty requires a .ppk format
    2. Launch Putty
      1. In the Authentication section, load the <file>.ppk
      2. In the session section, enter ubuntu@<servename>
      3. Optionally, you can save this configuration to simplify accessing the server in the future





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