Error Record: uAchieve Degree Audit System


  • To identify errors in uAchieve Degree Audit System (replacement for DARS) and provide corresponding causes and resolutions


  • Miami University Staff, Faculty, Student
  • One Stop


  • 376000: uAchieve Degree Audit System

Error + Resolution

Error Message Access is Denied. You lack sufficient credentials to perform the action you are trying to perform. If you feel you are getting this message in error, contact your system administrator.
Affected User / Action Miami University staff, faculty, or student who is unable to create/run a report in uAchieve Degree Audit System
Cause Your access to the degree audit system must be manually authorized
Resolution Contact One Stop at 513-529-0001 during business hours to report your issue



  • One Stop provides instructions and end-user support for the uAchieve app
    • Visit the One Stop page for everything you want to know about performing a degree audit
    • For all end-user and administrative questions, contact the One Stop office at 513-529-0001 during business hours
    • To report issues with the uAchieve app, contact the One Stop office at 513-529-0001 during business hours 


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