Banner / Error Record: Admin General


  • To identify errors in Banner Admin General and provide corresponding causes and resolutions


  • Miami University Staff, Faculty, Student


  • 196715: Banner 9 Admin General

Error + Resolution

Error Message Current identification changed, press SAVE before leaving current window
(When SAVE is pressed): FRM-40401: No changes to save
Affected User / Action Miami University staff, faculty, or student who is unable to view tabs for a user record on the SPAIDEN page
Cause You are unable to view tabs for a user record in SPAIDEN, because you have entered a space after the first or last name
Applied Resolution
  1. Remove the space from the end of the user's first or last name
  2. Press Save



Article ID: 68619
Fri 12/7/18 3:27 PM
Mon 7/12/21 12:17 PM
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