Uninstall Office Pro Plus from Windows


  • My Office Pro Plus software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) is unlicensed
  • I have purchased a personal copy of Microsoft Office


  • Effective 02 January 2019, Miami University will remove the Office 365 license for all former Miami University students
    • This action affects all former Miami University students — Miami University does not maintain a license for Office 365 for former Miami University students
  • Within thirty days of license removal, the version of Office Pro Plus you installed through Miami will become unlicensed; and Office 365 will enter into reduced functionality mode


  • Former Miami University Student


  • Software for Personally-owned Computers
  • Microsoft Office
    • 10314: Office 365
    • Office Pro Plus
  • Windows


  • If you purchased a personal copy or subscription to Office 365, you must uninstall Office Pro Plus from your computer, then download and reinstall Office from your personal purchase
    • This is necessary because your Miami license for Office contains products that are not included in Microsoft’s personal-use plans


  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Depending on your view, click the Programs link, or the link for Programs and Features
  3. Select Microsoft Office Professional Plus from the list
  4. Click Uninstall, located at the top of your programs list




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