Miami Email / Allow another person to access to your account


  • To provide instruction on allowing another person to access your Miami email account when:
    • You want to allow access to your Miami email account to another staff or faculty member
    • You want to delegate email rights to your administrative assistant
    • You want to delegate your personal email access to your spouse
    • You want to add someone as a proxy to your email account


  • You can specify up to 25 delegates (users)
  • You cannot give anyone permission to change your account password or account settings, or to chat on your behalf


  • Miami Email
  • 10262: Google Mail (email e-mail)


  1. Log in to your email account
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right
  3. Click See all settings
  4. Select the Accounts tab
  5. Under Grant access to your account, click Add another account
  6. Enter the Gmail address of the person you'd like to access your account and click Next Step
    • A confirmation message will appear
  7. Click Send email to grant access
  8. Your delegate will receive a verification email explaining that you've granted access to them
    • After the delegate confirms this request, it may take up to 30 minutes for the verification process to be completed
  9. Return to the Accounts tab in Settings to verify status



  • Any messages sent by your delegate from your account will include both names: Your Name (sent by Delegate)



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