Google Apps / Configure Android for Miami's Mobile Device Security Standard


  • To provide instruction on configuring an Android phone to comply with Miami domain policies


  • Policy: Telecommunications
  • Cellular Phone
  • 11357: Google Workspace


  • University employees who receive a Mobile Device Stipend and access their email account from a device must abide by Miami's Mobile Device Security Standards, as described in Telecommunications: Data and Email Storage on Mobile Devices (MUPIM 19.6.B.4):
    • Employees who use their mobile devices to access Miami email must configure the mobile device to ensure that any email messages sent/received on the device will be retained on Miami’s email servers
    • Employees who use their mobile device to access confidential Miami data must configure the device to meet Miami’s Mobile Device Security Standards. Upon retirement or separation from employment, employees must ensure that all Miami data is removed from the mobile device
  • Standards include setting a device password, setting the device to lock after 15 minutes of inactivity, and setting the device to wipe after 10 failed login attempts
  • Miami's Mobile Device Security Standards are enforced through the Miami Google domain 
  • Policies are enforced on Android devices by the Google Apps Device Policy app, available in the Google Play Store


Install Google Apps Device Policy app

  1. A sign-in error will appear in your notifications
  2. Tap Sign-in error for more information
  3. Tap the Download button to install the Google Apps Device Policy
    • Google Play Store will launch
  4. Tap the search button at the top of the screen (the magnifying glass) and enter Google Apps Device Policy
  5. Tap the Google Apps Device Policy app
  6. Tap the Install button to install the app
  7. Tap Accept to allow the app to install
  8. Once the app installs, tap Open to launch the app


Configure your phone to comply with domain policies

  1. You will receive notification that app will allow your domain administrators to enforce policies and wipe the device 
  2. Press Next to continue
  3. Tap Activate to activate the Google Apps Device Policy manager on your phone 
  4. You will receive a list of policies that will be enforced
  5. Tap Enforce to continue
  6. You will see a status screen
  7. If you currently have a PIN or password on your phone, you will be prompted to enter it before continuing
  8. Follow the directions for syncing the phone
  9. If your phone does not currently have six-digit PIN or password protection, tap the Device password must have at least 6 characters line to continue


Set your device password

  1. Tap either the PIN or Password option to create a six-digit PIN or password for your device
  2. You will be prompted to enter your new password or PIN twice to confirm it
    • Once you have created your PIN or password, your phone will be in line with all device policies
  3. Tap the word Status at the top of the screen to move to a page where you can sync your Google account immediately


Sync your phone

  • Press the Sync Now button to sync your phone
  • Exit the device policy app by tapping the Home button on your phone



  • If the device policy applies to your Android phone, you will not receive new messages or calendar updates until you complete the installation and configuration of the Google Apps Device Policy app


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