AppPortal / Redirect a folder


  • To provide instruction on redirecting a folder to AppPortal


  • 10673: AppPortal Applications
    • Banner, Blackboard, CEC-ChemCad, CSE 148 Desktop, EHS-SPSS, Kronos, Milestone, MyMicros/EMS, Office - UIT, PFD, POL-Stata, STA-SAS, Titanium, TSR Utilities, ULB - SAS/STATA/ARES, WebFocus
  • AppPortal (Miami Resources RemoteApp and Desktop Connections)
  • macOS
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop App


  1. While on the Apps tab, click the gear icon
  2. Click Preferences
  3. In the Preferences menu, click the General tab
  4. Click the arrows to the right of the input box for If folder redirection is enabled for Remote Resources or RDP files, redirect
  5. Click Choose Folder
  6. Browse and select the folder you want to redirect to the AppPortal
  7. Click Choose 
  8. Click the X to close the menu
  9. Log out of all open AppPortal sessions
  10. Relaunch AppPortal to access the redirected folder



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