Canvas / Unable to view videos in course


  • To provide instruction on viewing videos in Canvas


  • 10185: Canvas


  1. Follow these KB instructions to clear your browser cache and other data
  2. Close the browser and try again
  3. Turn off your computer and wait a minute before turning it back on to try again
  4. If you continue to experience this issue, download and install Firefox
  5. If you are still unable to view the media it is likely the instructor will need to remove the media link and add it back to the content item. 

Faculty: If students are reporting that they are getting the access denied error or the question mark, do the following:

  1. In the Canvas course item delete the media content
  2. Using the plug-in icon on the second row of the toolbar add the media back into the page/assignment/discussion/quiz
    1. To use Kaltura media in Canvas, refer to this Miami Online webpage





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