Add a new user to a Miami WordPress blog site

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  • How do I add a new user to Miami's WordPress blog site?


  • 10405: WordPress
    • WordPress blog site
  • University Communications & Marketing (UCM)


  • WordPress open source blogging tool has been installed on University servers and is intended for use by the Miami community in educational, administrative, and marketing settings


  1. Log in to Miami's WordPress
  2. From the left-side tool bar, select Users menu and click Add User
    • WordPress will validate a user based on their Miami UniqueID


Add a single Miami user

  1. Enter the user's UniqueID in the Username field at the top of the screen
  2. Choose the desired permission level for the new user
  3. Click the Add User button


Add multiple Miami users

  1. Enter the UniqueID of all new users in the large text box under Add Bulk Users
  2. Choose the permission level that you would like the new users to have
    • Selected role will be applied to all users listed in the Usernames text box. To add users with different permission levels, repeat this process for each permission level/role
  3. Once the necessary options have been selected, click the Add User Bulk button




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