Request: Duo / Obtain a temporary bypass code


  • To obtain assistance in requesting a Duo bypass code


  • If the device you configured to receive Duo passcodes is lost, stolen, or otherwise unavailable, you can request a bypass code in order to authenticate login to a Duo-enabled service


  • Accepted international students located in China, complete and submit your request for a temporary Duo bypass
  • All other students, contact IT Help by phone at 513-529-7900 or via live chat at to submit your request for a Duo bypass code
    • You cannot email the request as the turnaround time on email requests is not quick enough to ensure that the code will not have expired
  • When your request has been processed, you will receive your bypass code



  • After you've enrolled your primary device for use with Duo Security, MUIT recommends that you add a second device to your account. This will give you the ability to log in to your applications if the device you use regularly to authenticate is damaged, lost, or forgotten


  • 312306: Duo Security Two-factor Authentication


For internal use


Request Duo Bypass for Accepted International Students Located in China


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Thu 8/16/18 2:16 PM
Wed 1/25/23 1:31 PM
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Accepted international students currently in China may use this form to request a temporary bypass of the Duo two-factor authentication system until such time as they arrive on campus. For more information about why you need this bypass, please visit