Guide: Buy a YubiKey hardware token for use with Duo

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  • To provide guidance in the purchase of a YubiKey hardware device for use with Duo Security


  • All current Miami University Students, Faculty, and Staff
    • Miami's alumni, retiree, emeriti, and former student populations are not required to enroll in Duo


  • 312306: Duo Security Two-factor Authentication
  • YubiKey 4 or 5 Series Security Key
    • YubiKey hardware token, Yubi
    • U2F hardware device
    • U2F authenticator
    • U2F security token


  • Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your Miami account. It allows you to verify your identity using a second factor — your smartphone or other mobile device, U2F device, or landline — and prevents anyone else from logging in to your account


  • You can purchase your YubiKey from Miami University's Brick & Ivy Campus Store 
  • We recommend choosing one of these YubiKey security devices:
    • YubiKey 5 NFC: for use in a USB-A port
    • YubiKey 5 Nano: for use in a USB-A port; designed to remain in port
    • YubiKey 5C: for use in a USB-C port
    • YubiKey 5Ci: for use in a USB-C or Lightning port
    • YubiKey 5C Nano: for use in a USB-C port; designed to remain in port
  • Be sure to verify which USB port-style is present on the device in which you'll be using the token
    • The difference between the 5 and 5C versions of the YubiKey tokens is the style of USB connection the device uses:
      • YubiKey 5 and 5 Nano use a USB-A connector
      • YubiKey 5C and 5C Nano use a USB-C connector
  • If you intend only to use the hardware token on a single device, the Nano version may be your best choice — its small size allows it to be inserted and left in a device without protruding much
  • If you intend to use the token on multiple devices or frequently remove it from a device, the standard version may be a better choice — its larger size makes it less likely to be lost
  • The YubiKey Personalization Tool is now available in Self Service for Mac (how to access) and the Miami Application Catalog for Windows (how to access) 
    • The Mac version is a VPP app from the AppStore and will be automatically upgraded as YubiCo publishes new versions to Apple




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