Miami Directory / Unable to log out of the directory as an entity account


  • For the new Miami web directory, I am logged in as an entity account, but cannot log out and log back in with my UniqueID to see my own record. Every time I quit the browser, the “cookie” or code that the site uses is retained and keeps me logged in as the entity account


  • 10697: Miami Directory
    • Miami University Directory of Faculty, Staff and Students


  • A log out button was not included in the directory, as this would sign a user out of their entire Miami CAS session (e.g., they would be logged out of myMiami, Canvas, Banner 9, and any other services they were logged in to)


  • When logging in to the directory as an entity account, use a separate browser or an incognito/private browsing window to protect your session


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Tue 10/3/17 3:23 PM
Thu 4/30/20 12:38 PM
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