BitLocker / Enable encryption on my USB drive


  • To provide instruction on enabling BitLocker encryption on a USB drive


  • 199772: BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • University-owned Computer
  • Windows


  • There could be potentially sensitive data on your removable drive


  1. Open Control Panel and choose System and Security
  2. Select BitLocker Drive Encryption
  3. In the Removable data drives area, select the drive you want to encrypt
  4. Click Turn on BitLocker
  5. Enter your password and click Next
    • You will enter this password when you want to view the files on this USB drive from any computer
  6. Select Whole Disk Encryption and click Next
    • This will only apply to Windows 8 and later versions
  7. If prompted to select an encryption mode, select Compatible and click Next
    • This only applies to Windows 10 clients
  8. Click Start Encryption



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