Alumni Account / Locate my constituent ID


  • To provide instruction for locating a constituent (alumni) ID
  • To provide instruction for locating a constituent (alumni) ID when you:
    • Are unable to find your constituent ID using your birth date
    • Have received errors while trying to register for the alumni website


  • Alumni/Alumnae Account
    • Constituent ID
    • Alumni ID
  • Alumni Association


  • Your constituent ID is also referred to as your alumni ID
  • Your constituent ID is a nine-digit number preceded by the letter 'A' (e.g., A000000000) 
  1. Look for your constituent ID:
    • On Alumni Association mail: You will find it — preceded by the year of your graduation (e.g., 1994 A000000000) — just above your name in the address block
    • On Alumni Association email: You will find it in the call-to-action box, at the end of the query, Are you a member of our online community? Sign up today by registering on our website using your alumni ID number (A000000000)
  2. If you cannot find your constituent ID any other way, contact University Advancement at 513-529-5957 during business hours for assistance



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