Request: Entity Account / Create an account to use as an email alias


  • Create an entity account to use as an email alias


  1. Complete and submit your request for a new entity account with the desired name
    • Within two days of submission, we will review your request for an email alias to determine if it adheres to established guidelines
    • If your alias does not adhere to the guidelines, it will be deleted and you will be notified immediately
  2. Once the request has been completed, go to the Miami Directory
  3. Log in with the credentials for the entity account you want to use as an alias
  4. Select Edit this entity entry 
  5. Update the routing to point to the new account (e.g.,
  6. Select Save
  7. If your old account had its own mailbox, follow these KB instructions on forwarding mail from your old address to your new address within Gmail





  • 10235: Entity Account Manager
  • 10697: Miami Directory
  • Miami Email


For internal use



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