Course Evals / Link issues in myMiami myCourse module


  • To provide instruction on accessing a course evaluation link when:
    • You are missing a course evaluation links in myCourses
    • Your students are unable to take their course evaluations
    • The wrong course evaluation appears when you click the link in the myCourse module


  • 10402: Course Evaluations (CollegeNet What Do You Think)


  1. Access Course Evaluations directly
    • The Course Evaluations link takes you to a list of all your available course evaluations, not just the one you selected
    • You may need to scroll down the page to find the desired evaluation
    • If your courses are missing, evaluations may not be open yet
    • Send an email to to verify that evaluations are open or if one is missing
  2. In myCourses, select Refresh Now to pull fresh data
  3. Follow these KB instructions to remove cached data from your browser





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