Desk Phone / Change or delete a speed dial number


  • Change a speed dial number on my office phone
  • Delete a speed dial number on my University phone


  • 10716: VoIP
    • Desk Phone
    • Cisco IP Phone


  1. Connect to Miami's network
    • If you are off-campus, use the Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) client
  2. Go to the Cisco Unified Communications Self Care Portal
  3. Log in using your UniqueID for Username and your MUnet password.
  4. Click the box for the phone you want to modify and select Settings from the pop-up menu
    • You can also click the Phone Settings option in the left-hand column
  5. On the Phone Settings page, click the Speed Dial Numbers option
  6. Locate the speed dial entry you want to change and click the pencil icon next to the number
    • To delete the entry, click the X next to the number
  7. In the Edit Speed Dial pop-up window, make the necessary changes to the entry
    • Do not include parentheses or hyphens in the phone number
    • Add the Miami prefix 88 (local area code) or 81 (long distance), as needed
  8. Click the Save button 
    • A confirmation message will appear in the upper portion of the screen
  9. Print the page and keep it near your telephone for reference



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