Miami Directory / Student entry does not appear in the directory


  • Locate a student entry that appears to be missing from the directory
  • Locate a student entry in the directory
  • Locate a newly-admitted student in the directory
  • Locate my student entry in the Miami Directory


  • 10697: Miami Directory
    • Miami University Directory of Faculty, Staff and Students


  • There are three possible causes for why a student does not appear in the directory
    1. The student is a new student whose account is flagged for privacy
    2. The student has elected to hide their directory record 
    3. The student has requested that they be fully hidden in the system


  • Three weeks before Fall Term, and one week before other terms, a new student will automatically become visible in the directory, if they have not explicitly asked the Registrar to opt out. If the student was admitted after the above cutoff date, they have 14 days to opt out before they appear in the directory
  • If the student has not yet started attending classes
    • Wait for classes to begin and the student will become visible in the directory
  • If the student has elected to hide themselves in the directory:
  • If the student has requested that the Registrar or another office fully hide them in the system:
    • Ask the student to request that the office who hid them in the system un-hide them



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