WordPress / Guide: New WordPress plugins or themes


  • to provide guidance on obtaining a new WordPress plugin or theme


  • 10405: WordPress
  • University Communications & Marketing (UCM), Miami Online


  • Check the current lists of plugins and themes to be sure there isn’t already one in the system that works for your needs
  • For new plugins or themes to be considered, they must meet the following criteria:
    • The plugin or theme is supported by WordPress and is actively being maintained by the creator. Plugins and themes that are no longer supported or deprecated will not be accepted
    • The plugin or theme doesn’t have multiple unaddressed errors or negative reviews
    • Themes must be “Gutenberg optimized,” which means they’re compatible with WordPress’s new block editor
    • The plugin or theme meets Miami’s WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility requirements
  • Complete and submit your request for:



  • If a Miami plugin or theme becomes unsupported or deprecated, Miami will remove it from the environment. Miami WordPress site owners will be notified in advance when this is going to happen
  • To learn more about WordPress:


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