Update personal info in BannerWeb


  • How do I update my home address in BannerWeb?


  • 10163: BannerWeb Employee Self Service


  • An incorrect or outdated home address is displayed in your BannerWeb entry


  1. Log in to BannerWeb
  2. Click the Personal Information tab
  3. Click the Update Address and Phone link
  4. Click Current under Permanent Mailing 
  5. Enter new data in the appropriate fields to update your mailing address
  6. Click the Submit button



  • Did you receive the error message, Unknown Street? BannerWeb cannot recognize a new address (new development, new home, etc.) until the U.S. Postal Service adds it to the postal system database (the U.S. Postal address database is updated every couple of months)
    • Contact the One Stop office by phone at 513-529-0001 and request a manual override of the address
  • To correct errors relating to last name, job title, or student role, consult the following offices:
    • Student Academic information: Registrar, 110 Campus Avenue Building, Oxford
    • Student Employment information: Department of Human Resources, 015 Roudebush Hall, Oxford
    • Faculty: Academic Personnel Services, 001 Roudebush Hall, Oxford
    • Staff: Department of Human Resources, 015 Roudebush Hall, Oxford
  • Update my employee info in the Miami Directory
  • Update my non-employee info in the Miami Directory


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