Wired Network / Assistance needed to access the Miami Network


  • To obtain assistance in accessing the Miami wired network
  • To obtain assistance in accessing a game or website through the Miami wired network
    • When having connection issues with a game or website


  • 9583: Access Network
    • Wired Network
  • 10679: Communications Jacks and Cabling
  • Personally Owned Computer


  1. Contact IT Help via email at ITHelp@miamioh.edu or by phone at 513-529-7900 to request assistance with wired access to the Miami Network
  2. Provide the following information:
    • Nature of your request
    • Location of computer, including building name and room number
    • Data jack/port ID number (check the label above the port)
    • Website to which you are trying to connect or server address with which you are experiencing issues
    • Approximate time you are tried to connect
    • MAC address of the computer connected to the network
    • Operating system used on the computer



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Can you resolve this issue yourself?
No. Please request assistance.