Miami Directory / Contact a person or department at Miami


  • To provide instruction on locating and using the Miami University directory when:
    • You need the phone number for a staff member in a department
    • You need the extension for a Miami staff member
    • You need a faculty member's email address


  • 10697: Miami Directory
    • Miami University Directory of Faculty, Staff and Students


  1. Go to the Miami Directory (
  2. Enter the name or UniqueID of the staff or facility member for whom you are searching
    • If you only know the first or last name, enter the person's department to improve your search
    • Note: Entering just the department name will likely be less successful
  3. If you cannot find the number in the directory, call the Miami University operator at 513-529-1809 during business hours
  4. Ask the operator to transfer you to the person (or department) with whom you want to speak



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