AppPortal prompts to trust connection


  • When I go into Native Banner through the AppPortal, I receive the message, Make sure you trust the remote computer before you connect
  • Should I click connect for the APPPORTALBROKER.MIAMIOH.EDU and trust this connection?


  • 10711: Remote Desktop Services (RDS)
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop (version 10.2.8)
  • 10673: AppPortal Applications
    • Banner, Blackboard, CEC-ChemCad, CSE 148 Desktop, EHS-SPSS, Kronos, Milestone, MyMicros/EMS, Office - UIT, PFD, POL-Stata, STA-SAS, Titanium, TSR Utilities, ULB - SAS/STATA/ARES, WebFocus
  • AppPortal (Miami Resources RemoteApp and Desktop Connections)
  • Software & Apps


  1. If you are asked to provide a folder for the trusted connection, click Browse and browse to your documents folder
  2. Click Ok
  3. Check the box indicating that the message should not be shown again
  4. Click Connect


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Wed 1/25/17 8:35 AM
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